“A wedding in Las Vegas? Really? How cheesey, are you serious?” Seems to be a common response – if you get a response at all, and not just a blank look of bewilderment. This is what you get from people who still envision a shotgun style, drunken plunge that used to be the stereotypical Vegas wedding. You know what I’m talking about- that horrible little chapel on the side of the  highway with cobwebs in the doorways and the smell of stale cigarette smoke looming in the entry way.

Well, this isn’t the type of wedding you will find here. This site is strictly showcasing the nuts and bolts of putting together a goreous Vegas wedding on the Strip at an outdoor venue and all of the little details that will make it the wedding of your dreams – all while keeping on budget. (You can have a fabulously high end wedding in Vegas for the same price or LESS than you can in your hometown.)

So, ladies, he’s finally popped the question! Congrats! Now let’s get started! You’ll find everything you need to know about Vegas Outdoor Weddings right here- from venues to party favors and invitations. Oh, yeah… studded, sideburned Elvis impersonators need not apply.

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